Fun Things To Do At Home

Fun Things To Do At Home

Social distancing affects all of us, but it is an opportunity to pull together as a community and be creative in our efforts to support one another. My Valley Pass, the San Fernando Valley’s #1 Visitor’s Guide, gives some ideas on how to support our local businesses, along with some activities you can do with your family during this time.

Dine-in with curbside pick-ups or deliveries

Missing your favorite Thai place? Can’t wait to get your hands on that hot chicken sandwich?  Let us tell you:  GrubHub, Postmates, DoorDash, and UberEats are your new best friends. A lot of local restaurants are utilizing these services to get your favorite dishes directly to you.  If you’re a little uncertain about the deliveries, you have the option of a curbside pick-up or just regular pick up.  Order and pay online or over the phone. Trust us, your local restaurants will thank you.

Nothing beats online shopping

Shop your favorite local stores online. You can get those leggings you’ve been eyeing at their brick and mortar delivered to your home. That book you’ve always been wanting to read: have it delivered. Along with those candles and that shirt. Even if you’re not there to purchase these items personally, your online purchase will go a long way in helping your local store thrive. This might be a good option for your local grocery store as well.

Gift Cards are always the answer

With all that time spent at home, you might want to get started on your holiday shopping or stock up on gifts for birthdays and special occasions. Why not purchase a gift card or certificate from your local restaurant or store? It’s an excellent way to shop local and support local. Gift cards can always be used at a later date.

Watch online performances

Technology gives us better access to a wealth of information.  It also helps local businesses keep in touch with their customers. Some bands in the San Fernando Valley have encouraged their followers to watch their performances on their YouTube channels. If you can’t come to them, they’ll come to you in the comfort of your own couch.

On Wednesday, March 18th at 8 pm, the MagicBar will have a free Instagram Livestream of their show, featuring magicians John Accardo, Robert Ramirez, Ben Schrader, and Jonathn Levit.

Spend more time with your loved ones

Spending time at home also means being able to spend time more time with your family without the distraction of events, practices, etc. Dust off some board games and make it a game night. Or maybe even make it art and crafts night.  Learn to make slime. Build some lego sets. Put together a puzzle. Maybe even finish those home projects together. Take this opportunity to make more memories and have conversations without the distraction of a schedule.

Learn something new

Been wanting to learn a new language? How about trying that new recipe or learning to make your own bread? There’s no time like the present to do so. All you need is our handy dandy internet connections and your good to go.

Go on a hike or a run

Weather permitting, now would be a good time to explore some of the trails in the San Fernando Valley. Wake up earlier to avoid any crowds and just enjoy the great outdoors. Pack some sunscreen, a water bottle, and you’re all set.

Take a breather

Now is a good time to hit pause and find some time to meditate or even just slow down. Get some yoga, some stretching, or maybe just me time. We tend to neglect self-care during our busy schedules—it might be good to reconnect with ourselves and find some balance and calm.

Explore the literary landscape

If you’ve had that pile of books in the corner for quite some time, now is the perfect time to cuddle up and get lost in a good book. You may also consider applying for a library card online to get access to free books on Overdrive. Check out to get access to their database of books and movies.

Support your local gym

If you’re looking to work out but are a little hesitant to go to the bigger gyms, try checking out the smaller, boutique gyms in your area. Maybe even try something new like a Zumba class, or a rowing class or maybe even a boot camp.

As we navigate through this unprecedented situation, let’s remember to see things in a more positive light.  Stay informed. Support each other and do our parts in sustaining our community through this.