The Japanese Garden.

The Japanese Garden is an oasis in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.

The garden ranks 10th of 300 public Japanese Gardens in the U.S.

The garden is for viewing in all 4 seasons!

Designed by Doctor Koichi Kawana, the 6 1/2 acre garden features a dry Zen meditation garden, an expansive Chisen or “wet-strolling” garden, and a tea garden.

The dry Zen garden contains tortoise island, a three-buddha arrangement of stones, and a wisteria arbor across a plover path.

Next, the Chisen or “wet-strolling” garden contains a waterfall, lakes, and streams, abundant greenery, and stone lanterns which were hand-carved by artisans in Japan.

At the end of this path is the Shoin building with authentic 4 1/2 tatami mat teahouse and adjacent tea garden.

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